Fredrikstad offers rich and unique experiences which ensure a combination of both nature and urban life. A stay here will give you a good mix of culture, history, nature and cobbled streets.


Playground. We offer a play area on our grounds with sandbox, swings and slides. Perfect for those traveling with children.

Football-golf. In cooperation with the golf course our guests are welcome to play football-golf. Contact the reception for prices and booking.

Tennis court. Right across the street you will find a tennis court and a handball court for rent. Contact reception for prices and booking.

Gamlebyen/The old City

Gamlebyen also known as Fredrikstad festning – the Fortress Town – is one of the best preserved and oldest fortress towns in Northern Europe. Founded in 1567, Gamlebyen has witnessed almost 450 years of history. Gamlebyen is one of Norway’s most popular attractions and is the place you must visit while in the area. The city is not only well preserved, but also a vibrant place which offers a vast number of different unique experiences.


Isegran is a vital culture park and a centre for communication and teaching of tradition, history and experiences. From times long past sailors, soldiers, boat builders and kings have had their share of making an impact on this peninsula. Boats are still being restored in the same old buildings where they were once built and in that way the history of Isegran is still alive.

Kongsten Fort

At Kongsten fort you get a feel for the old military history. In a great environment you can get an overview over Gamlebyen and Vaterland which is one of the earliest settlements in the area.


Specially designed for children, but the bear-track still offers something for everyone. Here you can explore heather plants and small hill tops and climb the trees. The children easily find the animals and this is a nice hike for the whole family.

Oltidsveien/The ancient road

Through the main road R110, oldtidsveien connects the two cities of Fredrikstad and Skjeberg. On this track you will find several ancient carvings and stone monuments. The ancient monuments are well marked and signposted. In some of the areas it is required to walk a distance along the track in the forest on well marked areas.


The area’s many museums offer a vast selection of historical and cultural findings.

The birthplace of Roald Amundsen, “Tomata”: Here you can explore enough about yourself to find out if you would be suitable for being a polar exhibition candidate. Explore all year round for free.

Gamlebyen Modeljernbanesenter: In the heart of Gamlebyen you will find an amazing little museum with a world of small trains, cars, houses, people and landscapes with tiny details and lots of humour.

Fredrikstad museum: The theme of the exhibition opening in June 2017 is the positive and creative forces behind what drives a community to forward thinking.

Hvalfangstmuseet: The museum for whaling hides many treasures. Amongst them is the history of the whale hunters themselves. The guides and museum guards here are all whale hunters themselves.


Fredrikstad is rich in culture with many different arenas, cultural houses and scenes where you can experience concerts, shows, musicals, stand-up-comedy and theatre. During the summer period there are also plenty of out-door festivals. Check out: City Scene, Båthuset Scene, Litteraturhuset, Kulturhuset Blå Grotte, St. Croix huset, Gamlebyen kulturhus or Fredrikstad kino (cinema) to se what´s on.

Citylife / nightlife

Fredrikstad offers that feel of a bustling large city wrapped in the atmosphere of a small village with wooden houses. The waterfront is packed with life and people all summer both night and day.

The city ferry is free and makes it easy to get to the city centres eastside with a vast variety of restaurants, entertainment, shopping, bares and places to dine outside.